Market Research

Research Design

Research Objectives

We convert business objectives into clear and measurable research objectives

Research Methodology

We recommend the appropriate methodology in line with the research objectives

Sampling Design

We specify the procedure for obtaining the research sample from the target population

Research Instruments

We design research questionnaires and test the instruments for reliability

Qualitative Research

This is a scientific method of exploration to gather non-numerical data. The purpose is to find characteristics and meanings in certain phenomena and to define concepts. It can be described as a process of naturalistic inquiry that seeks in-depth understanding of phenomena from the direct and subjective experiences of human beings in their everyday lives.

If two of our clients argue, one claiming we are qualitative researchers and the other that we quantitative researchers, believe them both. They would simply be testifying to the type of research we did so well for them they cannot imagine us doing as well in the other type of research, especially as the two approaches are often wrongly portrayed as incompatible. We are mixed methods experts. We are qualntitative!

Promise Gumbo

Managing Consultant

Quantitative Research

The systematic investigation and measurement of phenomena by gathering quantifiable data from a representative sample of the population of interest. The researcher analyses the data with the help of statistical, mathematical or computational techniques and determines the parameters within which the numbers yielded can be generalized to the larger population.


Research design impacts research validity